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  • About Demolition – Qatar Railway ProjectsBuildings Demolition, Steel Structure Dismantling

    Due to our excellent record in demolition works Qatar Railways chose us as the first contractor for demolition works, despite of there high safety standards and strict requirements and methods we succeeded to complete more than 20 contracts for all Q- Rail lines including demolition of high Buildings more than 24 meter using long reach excavators.

    Qatar Rail Ways demolition projects:

    1. Qatar Integrated Rail Project – RTC/031/2012 Enabling Works (HSP JV).

    • Demolitions & Enabling Works Qatar National Museum station – south entrance.
      • Demolition of 5 Building including 7 story building using long reach excavators.
    • Demolitions & Enabling Works Al Saad Station:
    • Five Villas Located inside the Residential complex at Alssad.
    • Park for Qatar Petroleum offices at Al Saad (Ground +1).
    • Car Park for Doha Municipality Offices Al saad (Ground).
    • Demolitions & Enabling Works  Airport City North station.
    • Ten Villas Located in the New Airport Road at Al Matar Area.
    • Asbestos survey Samples collection and submitting Sample Analysis Report

    2. Red Line South (QDVC-GS- AL Darwish)

    • Demolitions & Enabling Works  Al Manaa Buildings Al Matar C station.
    • Dismantling & Demolitions for DIA 3 Warehouses Al Matar E station
    • Demolitions of School Al khubaib station.
    • Asbestos survey and removal from all the above stations.

    3. Metro Ph. 1, Package 5. Major Stations (Samsung-OH L-QBC)

    • Dismantling & Demolitions for 2 Warehouses old Mercedes agency NBK at mushairib
    • Asbestos survey and removal from site.

    4. Gold Line RTC/040/2012  (ALYSJ JV)

    • Demolitions & Enabling Works  Bin Mahmoud Station.
    • Asbestos survey and removal from Al Sharq Station, Bin Mahmoud Station Al Saad Sport Club station.